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Welcome to ORL Cyprus

ORL Cyprus was originally created by Mr. P. Symeonides on his return to Cyprus from the UK, to provide and promote high level, patient-centred Otorhinolaryngology (ORL) or Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) care, adherent to International Guidelines and evidence-based medicine!


Mr P. Symeonides is now primarily based back in the UK and offers outstanding ENT services for adults and children.


Mr . P. Symeonides has a subspecialty in Advanced Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base Surgery (UK Fellowship).


We would like to inform our patients in Cyprus, that the doctor is only available on specific days every few months. To book your non-urgent appointment, please contact us on 22356160 or email and your details will be noted for the next available date.

UK patients can book online or by calling Thornbury Hospital directly on 0114 2661133. 

Thank you,

The ORL Cyprus Team


Balloon sinuplasty - pic.png

In-office sinus treatment

Using the latest technologies, we offer our patients minimally invasive treatment for sinus related symptoms. In-office balloon sinuplasty under local anaesthetic can treat early or recurrent acute sinusitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms. 

nose statue.jpg

Rhinoplasty (nose job) 

It is vital for the surgeon to respect the function of the nose as well as to understand its central role for the aesthetics of the whole face. The ENT training and Rhinology Fellowship provide the necessary expertise to achieve an excellent rhinoplasty result.


Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

The Endoscopic Transnasal Resection of Pituitary / Anterior Skull Base tumours is considered the Gold Standard approach today. The meticulous surgical technique and special skills needed for these operations are invaluable in preventing and dealing with complications of simpler sinus surgery, like CSF leak.

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