New technologies

We use the latest technology of Olympus flexible video-endoscopes with Narrow Band Image (NBI) enhancement. NBI utilises the blue and green wavelengths of light to allow better visualisation of blood vessels and detect early cancer.

Rhinoplasty (nose job) by ENT surgeon

It is vital for the surgeon to respect the function of the nose as the organ of smell and breathing as well as to understand its focal role for the aesthetics of the face. The ENT training and Rhinology Fellowship provide the necessary expertise to achieve an excellent rhinoplasty result.

Innovating surgery


The Endoscopic Resection of Pituitary tumours is a new development in Cyprus, that hires services from abroad to treat such patients. Dr P. Symeonides has gained extensive surgical experience and skills during his focused 1-year Fellowship performing Endoscopic Sinus/Skull Base tumour resections and CSF leak repairs.

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